Jeannie Brady

It was New Year’s Eve. My wife Jeannie was on her way home from her part-time job at the American Legion. It was about 12:30~1:00AM when she was hit head on, on a divided interstate. She was hit so hard that her car spun all the way around. She had to be extracted from her vehicle and likely died on her way to the hospital.

The illegal alien, Esteban Juarez-Tomas who killed her did not have a driver’s license and was well over the blood alcohol twice the State limit. I was awoken approximately at 3:30AM by a local police officer and the county coroner they to inform me of my wife’s death. Both my wife and Tomas were taken to the hospital (in a newly “Sanctuary City”). My wife was officially pronounced dead upon her arrival, while Tomas was treated for a broken wrist and submitted to a blood and urine test and admitted to being drunk. Sadly law enforcement allowed him to walk out of the hospital.

Tomas was issued a misdemeanor DUI ticket, never saw hand cuffs, was never booked into jail. Illinois State Police took almost a week to determine Tomas was going the wrong way on the interstate. There was an arraignment hearing and of course Tomas was not there.

The judge did change the misdemeanor to a felony. However, it is doubtful he will ever be found. The States Attorney and the District Director of the Illinois State Police played the finger pointing game and I have never gotten and truthful answers from either of them. 

Jeannie was beloved by many, many people she had an infectious smile that would light up any room. I have never loved a woman so much as I did her. She was taken from her son, my daughter, myself and all her family and friends by a man that had 4 aliases, been deported before and had committed crimes in other places.

ICE has been the only branch of law enforcement that has really done anything to help, as he is on their most wanted list (

 I have a Facebook page set up in her honor at if you would like to read more about her and the case.

–Eric C. Brady |