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An open letter to Joe Biden and the Democratic Party

Say it “ain’t” so Joe

About a year ago, as the potential Democratic candidates were talking about running for president, I said to my son if all of these people run, they will be tripping over each other trying to move to the left. As a lifelong Democrat who gave up on them a few years ago, I had little hope that someone would enter the race who was logical, pragmatic, and sane, particularly on the illegal immigration issue.

I expected the amnesty and “pathway to citizenship for all,” crap, but never did I think that some of the candidates would want to tear down whatever border controls we had, decriminalize illegal border crossing, or give free healthcare to all illegal aliens. I knew that a few would since I live in California, and our morons have been harping on this for a long time (and have now given illegal aliens up to age 26 and over age 65 free healthcare). But almost every candidate raised their hand when the question about free healthcare for illegal aliens was asked at the first debate.

So one has to wonder how much further this insanity can go. Well now we know (and I’m sure it’s not over) as Joe Biden wants to protect illegal aliens caught driving under the influence (DUI)

Of all the candidates who should know how dangerous driving is, let alone drunk driving, Joe Biden is the guy. In 1972 his first wife and daughter were tragically killed in a traffic collision, and his two sons were hospitalized in critical condition. Biden took his Senate oath of office in their hospital room. For years he claimed the driver who collided with his wife’s car was drunk. He claimed that the driver Curtis Dunn, “drank his lunch” that day.

Dunn was completely absolved of any fault in the collision, yet Biden continued repeating that story. Dunn was devastated until his death in 1999, and his family kept quiet despite asking Biden to stop telling what was a lie. Finally, in 2010 the family went public, and Biden eventually stopped and apologized.

What kind of a man would be so callous? Now we know. Joe Biden. A man who puts illegal aliens above US citizens and wants others to suffer the same fate as he did so he can get elected president. What a guy.

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, those who have never had a license (mostly illegal aliens until recently) were five times more likely to drive drunk. They were five times more likely to be involved in a fatal collision and ten times more likely to hit and run. But Joe Biden wants to protect them.

Fifteen states plus the District of Columbia under the guise that licensing illegal aliens will make the roads safer have granted them licenses. The results have been disastrous. The last two states to issue licenses were California and Illinois. (New York and New Jersey passed laws at the end of 2019).

The first two years of licensing saw road fatalities increase 19 percent in California and 18 percent in Illinois. Hit and runs, which were already at epidemic proportions in California, increased 26 percent. But Joe Biden wants to protect them.

Illegal aliens represent approximately 3 percent of all drivers in the United States (that assumes they are all driving whether licensed or not) but are responsible for about 15 percent of all DUI fatalities. But Joe Biden wants to protect them at least until they kill someone.

In 2018 over 10,600 people lost their lives as a result of DUI drivers, yet Joe Biden doesn’t think that DUI is a serious offense. In this interview, Biden said, “You only arrest if it’s a felony and drunk driving is not a felony. Joe, you’re existence is a felony.

Of our six-member Board, two lost children to drunk drivers, and one lost his brother.

–> Matthew Denice, 23, was killed when an illegal alien drunk driver ran a stop sign colliding with Matthew and dragged him for a quarter of a mile as witnesses were screaming and banging on the truck attempting to get the driver to stop.

–> Denny McCann, 66, was hit and killed by a drunk-driving illegal alien who already had a prior felony conviction. Denny was dragged for a block, and then the killer fled the scene. The killer was arrested, but then because of Cook County, IL sanctuary policy, he was released and fled to Mexico where he still resides.

–> Dominick Durden, was hit and killed by an illegal alien with a prior felony conviction, drunk driving conviction and a 2nd drunk driving charge weeks before he killed Dominick. He spent less than 60 days in jail and was eventually deported but is believed to be back in the United States.

In the past three years, ICE has deported 235,800 illegal aliens with DUI’s and not only does Joe Biden want them all to be allowed to stay here, but he wants to fire every ICE agent who arrests them.

As reprehensible, irresponsible, and disgusting as this comment is, we have yet to hear from one Democratic candidate condemn it, and that can only be because they all agree.

But wait, there’s more.

During the same interview, Biden was asked if illegal aliens should receive reparations for what they have suffered from being temporarily separated for their children. Biden’s reply:

“Yes, they should be made whole. They should be made whole in terms of first and foremost getting back with their families. That’s it. I mean reparations is (sic) repairing damage. Some of you are part of the Latino community. What is. (sic) Talk about being, let people know about the anxiety of the children you know or parents who may have an illegal parent, an undocumented parent in the country. It is enormous anxiety. So that’s why we should be fighting. Then the help that is needed to restore their confidence to restore their sense of who they are.”

Hey Joe, where are the reparations for those of us who have been PERMANENTLY separated from our families because of illegal immigration? When will we be made whole? How will you repair our “damage”? And anxiety? Why should we be concerned with their anxiety when no one cares about ours. But at least we know who we are. We are victims of you and so much of the political establishment who place illegal aliens’ health and welfare above their citizens. Talk about deplorable.

Again, not one-word from one Democrat about those of us who have lost loved ones. Not just now but for years. Not one question at any of the debates about all the American citizens who have been victims of illegal alien crime, physically harmed by illegal aliens, or the tens of thousands who have been killed by illegal aliens.

Pandering is one thing, but you and the rest of the party have capitulated to the illegal alien crowd.

For you, Joe, this is the end of the road. Unfortunately, the rest of the despicable garbage in the Democratic party (and some Republicans) remains.

So, Joe, we drink to you, and now everyone, start your engines.


This letter is from the Advocates for Victims of Illegal Alien Crime.

Written by Board member Don Rosenberg who was a lifelong Democrat and whose son was killed by an illegal alien in 2010. He is still waiting to be made whole.

Contact: Don Rosenberg 818-991-1956
Contact: Maureen Maloney