• Texas Governor’s Tough Talk Runs Into Local Resistance
    Lifting the hopes of beleaguered border residents, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott pledged to use state law enforcement officers to arrest illegal aliens pouring into the state. But Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, a fellow Republican, raised serious doubts about how, or even if, migrants might be prosecuted. Under Texas law, county district attorneys have sole […]
  • High Court Rules That Temporary Means Temporary
    In a bold and stunning 9-0 legal interpretation, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled on June 7 that the word “temporary” in Temporary Protected Status (TPS) actually means “temporary.” Groundbreaking stuff, we know. In the facts of this case, Jose Santos Sanchez, a citizen of El Salvador, claims that the denial of his […]
  • CBP Apprehended More Than 180,000 Illegal Aliens in May
    The border continues to be embroiled in chaos with no end in sight. On June 9, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) released data on Southwest border encounters for May. The data show border officials apprehended 180,034 illegal aliens last month, an increase from the record-breaking 178,622 arrests made in April. Of the total 180,034 migrants […]