23rd January 2021

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  • Mexico Eyes Dual Citizenship With Amnesty Package
    With its sputtering economy relying on remittances from U.S.-based workers, Mexico is promoting dual citizenship as part of President Joe Biden’s amnesty program for millions of Mexicans living illegally in America. “We have been proposing that our countrymen who have been working for years should be regularized, contributing to the development of that great nation,” Mexican […]
  • Biden Warms Up Central American Caravans
    Guatemalan and Mexican authorities blocking northbound caravans (for now) appear to be taking illegal immigration more seriously than incoming President Joe Biden. In Guatemala, security forces broke up a group of 4,000 mostly Honduran migrants on Monday. The day before, a Mexican general assailed “cynics, opportunists and social hit men [who]promote irregular migration.” “Guatemala’s message […]
  • Big Tech Makes an Unsurprising Statement on Immigration and DACA
    On January 13, tech giant, Google, stated it would cover the application fees for approximately 500 young illegal aliens seeking employment under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. The company also pledged to donate $250,000 to United We Dream, an organization which assists illegal aliens in obtaining work permits and deferred deportation through […]