26th February 2021

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  • Biden Administration Adds Insult to Injury in Frozen, Battered Texas
    What would be the absolutely last thing to add to a state devastated by natural disasters, where people are literally struggling just to survive?  More people.  Yet that is exactly what the Biden Administration has chosen to unleash on Texas in the midst of a once-in-a-century deep freeze and the near-collapse of the state’s power […]
  • Biden Pushes Border Problem Deeper Into U.S.
    Attempting to soften bad optics at the southwest border, the Biden administration is dispersing illegal aliens into the U.S. Walking free under catch and release policies, rising numbers of migrants have been congregating in South Texas cities along the Rio Grande. This month, the besieged mayor of Del Rio begged Washington for relief, saying, “We […]
  • Biden Administration Caught In a Child Migrant Controversy of Its Own Making
    The Biden administration found itself in a predictable pickle in early February when rising numbers of unaccompanied minors were arriving at the Southwest border, in large part due to months of messaging that border enforcement would no longer be a priority. Since the reversals of Trump immigration policies were so public, reversing the reversals would […]