21st January 2020

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  • Immigration Enthusiasts: Forget Integration, We Need Disintegration
    It stands to reason that a group called the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) would favor mass movements of refugees, asylum seekers and all manner of immigrants across the globe. To facilitate the migration, MPI analysts are peddling a “New Social Contract for Diverse Societies.” MPI isn’t so Pollyannaish as to believe that future waves of […]
  • Jill Biden’s “Solution” for Struggling Small Towns? Bring in More Migrants
    While some Americans focused on Tuesday night’s Democratic debate – during which immigration, along with numerous other issues, was not discussed at any length – Dr. Jill Biden’s remarks in Boone, Iowa, are no less noteworthy. On Tuesday, the wife of Joe Biden, former vice president and current Democratic frontrunner , spoke to a group […]
  • An Avoidable Death Highlights NYC’s Willful Blindness to Sanctuary Threat
    On the evening of January 6, Maria Fuertes, a 92-year-old known in her Queens, New York neighborhood as the “cat lady,” was sexually assaulted and killed steps from her home. The 21-year-old accused of her murder is Reeaz Khan, an illegal immigrant from Guyana. Among the brutal details of her death is the fact she […]