• Gov. Abbott is Busing Hundreds of Illegal Aliens to DC
    Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) recently made a splash by busing illegal aliens from his state to the nation’s capital. The move has been criticized by some voices across the political spectrum as a publicity stunt – which, to a large degree, it is. However, it is also a desperate attempt to turn the nation’s […]
  • Cheap-Labor Hucksters Scam America and Its Workers
    At a time of record immigration, America’s cheap-labor lobby is demanding more. Its campaign is predicated on the claim that population growth is essential for national prosperity. But this is a Ponzi scheme that cheats U.S. workers and strains public services. “‘Economic growth requires population growth’ is the basic message that Ponzi demography wants the […]
  • HHS Loses Track of Alien Children; State and Local Taxpayers Pay
    The federal government has lost contact with some 20,000 migrant children released from its custody. And that’s only the beginning of the problem. Through its feckless immigration policies the Biden administration is potentially putting minors at risk, while sticking state and local taxpayers with an ever-growing bill for schooling and suites of social services. The Department of Health […]