28th February 2020

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  • States’ Rights? More Like State Wrongs
    The Orange County Register recently featured an opinion piece claiming that the Trump administration’s “immigration raids” in sanctuary cities raise “age-old states’ rights issues.” According to the piece’s author, the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution gives states considerable leeway to pass “sanctuary” laws limiting when, where and how the federal government can go about enforcing […]
  • Greyhound to Border Patrol: Show Us Your Papers
    Bowing to illegal-alien advocates, Greyhound says it will no longer allow Border Patrol agents to conduct immigration checks on its buses without a warrant. Coincidental or not, Greyhound’s policy reversal came three weeks after a leaked memo in which now-retired Border Patrol chief Carla Provost opined that warrants are required for such checks. There’s also […]
  • Passive-Aggressive Cities Skirt Texas Anti-Sanctuary Law
    While sanctuary laws jeopardize lives from coast to coast — and risk new federal sanctions for enabling illegal aliens to walk free — Texas has gone a different way. At least on paper. With enactment of Senate Bill 4 in 2017, Texas became the first and only state to outlaw sanctuary policies. “SB 4 has […]