22nd October 2020

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  • Immigration Deserves Airtime at Thursday’s Debate
    If moderator Kristen Welker sticks to her script at Thursday night’s presidential debate, the subject of immigration will be off the table, again. But the NBC newswoman’s six designated topics — fighting COVID-19, American families, race in America, climate change, national security and leadership – offer opportunities for President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe […]
  • Can Foreign Worker Advocates Sue Their Way To Victory?
    As predictably as the sun rises and sets each day, efforts to curb ongoing abuses present of America’s immigration laws are met almost immediately with litigation. Whether the plaintiffs are individuals, vested anti-enforcement interests or deep-pocketed business groups, most believe suing the government is an effective means to win cases they’ve failed to make in […]
  • The “Woke Taliban” Come for Gov. Pete Wilson’s Statue in California
    The radical left-wing iconoclasts in North America and Western Europe demanding that historic statues be taken down (or pulling them down themselves) have been dubbed the “woke Taliban,” after the radical Islamist fanatics notorious for smashing statues – and anything else associated with an “impure” past – during their tyrannical rule over Afghanistan. Recently, the […]