4th April 2020

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  • Immigration Crimes Surpass Drugs as Most Common Federal Crime
    When one thinks of what constitutes a “federal crime,” it’s easy to conjure up movie-plot scenarios of bank robberies, gun-runners, and drug smuggling. And for years, drug-related crimes did claim the top spot for most common federal crime. But no longer. According to a report obtained first by Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner, immigration […]
  • U.S. ‘Waives’ Through Foreign Farm Hands as Unemployment Soars
    In the face of skyrocketing unemployment, the federal government continues to put foreign workers on a fast track for U.S. agricultural jobs. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo authorized consular officers to waive the visa interview requirement for first-time and returning H-2 (semi-skilled, blue-collar) applicants, including farm workers. “We anticipate the vast majority of otherwise qualified […]
  • Supreme Court Re-Opens Door to States’ Role in Immigration Enforcement. They Should Run, Not Walk, Through It
    In March, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its decision in Kansas v. Garcia. This ruling may be one of most significant on the states’ role in enforcing America’s immigration laws in nearly a decade.  Instead of tying the states’ hands like previous rulings, the Court held they are free to dramatically back up federal immigration […]