We want to influence policy with the truth

Advocates For Illegal Alien Crime was started by the parents and siblings who have suffered the ultimate tragedy of losing a loved one to illegal alien crime. We have suffered the ultimate in family separation.

We invite all families who have been the victim of illegal alien crime, from a murder to ID theft, to join our group. Our organization is also open to anyone who believes that immigration law must be enforced and those who have broken the law must be held accountable.

As our name implies, we want to be advocates for those who have been impacted by crimes committed by illegal aliens. The only successful accomplishment would be to stop illegal alien crime and that can only happen with the deportation of all people that are in the country illegally.

We want to help those who have been victims, and their families, of crimes committed by illegal aliens. We have all experienced the difficulty in processing what has happened and having to function; whether it be in burying our loved one(s) or helping a victim recover while at the same time working with a legal system that more often than not holds the interests of the criminal above ours.

We deal with victims on a regular basis and can direct people to agencies and sources where there are professionals who can provide many necessary services. However, as victims, all of us will always be available to give personal support to anyone at any time.

  • We work tirelessly to educate the public. We do that by pressuring the media to tell our stories and report on the real facts about the harm of illegal immigration. We solicit members from all over the country to push our message locally.
  • We will continue speaking at local, state and federal hearings and meet with our representatives (at least those who will meet with us) to make sure they know the harm that illegal immigration has caused to the country.

We want to influence public policy with the truth.

There is no reason any American citizen or immigrant should ever be at risk of being harmed by an illegal alien or should have to pay their hard-earned income supporting them.