Joe Stories

My brother Joe Storie and I were on vacation in Kill Devil Hills, NC for a week. On October 05, 2011 an illegal alien who was drunk, ran a red light killing my brother instantly and critically injuring me.

My brother Joe is a father to 3 sons, a son, brother, uncle, friend, and employer to many. He has always been a wonderful, kind, and compassionate man. Our family has been devastated by the senseless and avoidable death of Joe at the hands of an illegal alien! It is a never ending pain.

Luis Alberto Rodriguez-Castro had received a ticket 2 months prior, for running a red light. Rodriguez-Castro, who is in our country illegally from Honduras, initially fled from the hospital, was apprehended approximately 2 weeks later and put in jail. He requested his bond be reduced from $100,000 to $50,000. He had a court appointed attorney. The judge denied his request stating that Rodriguez-Castro had already fled one time, is illegally here, and was a proven flight risk.
Rodriguez-Castro was granted another hearing in which he had hired his own private attorney and the judge at this hearing, who is married to an immigration attorney, reduced his bond. They would not put an ankle monitor on him and I was told no one would be watching him.

Rodriguez-Castro, of course, fled again and is now a wanted fugitive by ICE. Our family has not gotten even an ounce of justice and the man who killed my brother Joe Storie and devastated our family, is walking free.