Santiago Rodriguez

On May 19, 2012, my son Santi left for work and that night after his shift, it was a Friday night, a friend picked him up and after hanging out for a while, my son decided to get something to eat so as not to wake up my parents at 3:00 am since he lived with them and helped take care of them while I was away. So Santi and 2 friends went to a well-known 24-hour deli in the next town which was only a 2 minute drive from our home. Ironically the deli was right in front of the Police Station which was when his murderers entered!

They saw that my son had cash on him, and, upon my son leaving the store to go home, they stole a butcher knife and the fire extinguisher from inside the deli. wherein, They then broke the driver’s side window and stabbed our son, Santi, in the neck causing him to nearly pass out and then proceeded to drag him out of the car. While the taller thug held my son down, the smaller one stabbed my son repeatedly severing several arteries in his lung and his heart!

The irony is that son had approximately only $20 in his pocket!

These illegals were on multiple drugs and alcohol! My son managed to drag himself to a nearby corner begging for help and no one, not even his friends, helped him! They watched him lay there bleeding to death! His friends claimed that they froze! BS!!! Someone chose to play God that night and decided that since my handsome son had multiple tattoos, that his Life wasn’t worth wasting the money it would have cost for the medical helicopter to airlift him to the trauma center, or he could have been taken to our hospital which was only 5 minutes away from the crime scene!

The Police Officer had no damn right to keep the best medical attention from my child — he had the ambulance drive my son 1 hour away! My son was revived multiple times during that ride but was pronounced dead upon arrival! The medical examiner testified in court that had he been airlifted or taken to the nearest hospital; he would have SURVIVED!! I DIED that Night and I’m still DEAD inside!!! Unless you lose a child, you have no idea what pain and a broken heart really is!! I pray you never do!! These illegals went on a killing spree that night and my beautiful, loving, caring son whose SMILE lit up the World was their victim of choice!

Marco Perez Nery was deported 3 times prior to murdering my baby boy and still came back into our Country illegally! He had an arrest record of multiple felony weapons charges, drugs and should never have been allowed to return to the USA! Nery only got a sentence of 4 years in prison and his accomplice got 4 years’ probation! Had it been you or I, we’d had gotten life! Well, I got a life sentence and so did my oldest son who has been struggling with his baby brother’s death! Our corrupt politicians and judges have no idea of the devastation that is left for the family members even after these monsters are so called (brought to Justice)! My Dad, whom I adored, suddenly died 2 months later of a broken heart! My boys were his first grandsons and he cherished them to no End!

That same year, after losing my baby, my Dad, and Santi had a son that was born 2 weeks prior to being murdered but because his girlfriend’s parents were told that Nery was a gang member, took my only grandson and fled the country! I’ve never laid eyes on my flesh and blood grandson who is now 7 years old and is out there somewhere! Then my Mother was diagnosed with 4th Stage Colon Cancer and but for the Grace of God, is still fighting to stay alive for us! You see my oldest son turned to drugs to kill the pain of his baby brother, his best friend’s senseless murder!! Now I spend my days and nights praying that I never get that knock on the door or that phone call because if I do, I’m done!

I’ve had to make sure that the Judge’s order of deportation and imprisonment for life in a Mexican prison was carried out! You see, the parole dept., never called me when he was going before them as is stated in the law! They must make the victim’s family aware so that you can express your opinion as to why your child’s murderer should never walk the face of the Earth again and my right under our justice system was taken away from me! America is my birthplace and that of my entire family except for my Dad who fled Communist Cuba right before Fidel Castro took over! My father and his family did it the right way and became American citizens and were never so Proud to do so! We must demand that our laws be enforced and that we pass new laws giving the families of each victim any and all mental/physical healthcare in order to live their lives after their loved ones were so brutally taken away from them!

My son’s murderer is now in a Mexican prison but only because I refused to give up and be silent as I was told to during the 7 weeks it took a jury to convict my son’s illegal Mexican monster. Had I not called ICE every day, who knows what would have happened! I’ll bet that Nery would have been only deported and released and somehow gotten back into America and probably destroy another Innocent American Family all over again! I thank God for President Trump because he is the reason why these illegals are finally being brought to Justice!!

I’d like to stress the fact that just because some of us finally get Justice for our loved ones, our Nightmare doesn’t Stop there — our Government owes Us more than just a Thank You for hanging in there! We will build that Wall; we will seek Justice for every family and we will NEVER STOP until every last Illegal Criminal is Sent back to their Hellhole!! My Santiago was the air that I breath, my Sun, my Moon and My Soul and I will forever cherish each moment God granted us but I will never Stop Fighting for America to be Safe and Free for our Children! RIP Santi, Mommy loves you more with each breath I take and each Smile I make to honor your Life until I come home, Amen ????????????????????