If We Are Paying Reparations, Illegal Aliens Belong at the Back of the Line

By Brian Lonaergan | American Greatness

If our government is looking to hand out cash to right wrongs, there are far more worthy parties.

America has long been known as a land of opportunity, but things are getting ridiculous.

In the latest chapter of the Biden White House’s up-is-down, contorted version of reality, those who enter our country illegally stand to reap settlements of up to $450,000 per person for the alleged “trauma” they endured as a result of the Trump-era zero tolerance policy that housed parents and children in separate facilities.

Reparations is something that should be considered rarely and judiciously, as it inevitably creates a line of groups claiming what may be questionable victimhood status.

If we, as a nation, were to create such a line ourselves, illegal aliens would be placed in the back, after more deserving people.