EXCLUSIVE: Mayorkas is a pathological liar and sociopath: Victims of immigrant crime advocate tears into Biden’s DHS head for opposing ‘deporting ANYONE’ and demands he be ‘put behind bars’

By Katelyn Caralle, U.S. Political Reporter | DailyMail

  • President of the Advocates for Victims of Illegal Alien Crime Don Rosenberg told DailyMail.com that DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is a ‘pathological lair’
  • DHS claimed that rather than using the required ‘notice and comment’ period for a rule change in September, it engaged in ‘listening sessions’ with the AVIAC 
  • Rosenberg says, and is quoted by the lawsuit, as saying that is not true
  • The advocate also says Mayorkas ‘doesn’t want to deport anybody’ 
  • DHS issue new rules for ICE that deprioritizes deportation for illegal immigrants criminals he doesn’t see as a threat to public safety
  • This apparently includes drunk driving and hit-and-run perpetrators 

The man leading a group advocating for victims of illegal immigrant criminals says it’s time to put Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas behind bars after he issued a rule in the fall deprioritizing deportation of certain illegal aliens who committed crimes in the U.S.