Border patrol ‘working with cartels’ to handle overwhelming migrant crossings: Former official

By Angie Wong | New York Post

The southern border of the United States has become a suggestion, a line that vanishes a little more each day.

I spent three days on the front lines of the Biden administration’s illegal-immigration crisis, and found a Border Patrol that has changed from an enforcement agency to a concierge service. A pipeline of migrants, fueled by cartel coyotes and abetted by American liberal nongovernmental organizations, enter the nation in droves, and many will likely never return to the countries they left.

Groups of migrant men often wait in the bushes or under the McAllen-Hidalgo International Bridge until dusk to cross over. At sunset, I witnessed a group walking out of the brush and onto dirt road up to the security wall on the American side. The officer I was speaking with took off in her patrol Jeep to direct the men to a “consolidation point” away from the main road where I was standing. The immigrants trudged off, and within minutes, the patrol vehicles left to another area. No action was taken for what was likely an illegal crossing.