EXCLUSIVE: Did President Trump End The ‘Kiddie Catch, Release, and Cash In Scam’?

By Timothy Meads
[originally published by townhall.com on September 9, 2019]

Conservative author Michelle Malkin’s explosive new book, Open Borders, Inc: Who’s Funding America’s Destruction?, is released Tuesday via Regnery Publishing. In it, Malkin explains that a key problem with the United States’ immigration system is what she describes as “The Kiddie Catch, Release, and Cash In Scam.” Who is making money in this phony endeavor and how does the United States government let it continue? Malkin gave Townhall some exclusive insight into Open Borders Inc.

First, this scam began with Bill Clinton’s 1997 Flores agreement, which stated the U.S. government would not detain unaccompanied illegal immigrant children unless these children were given certain standards of care. Illegal families would often be detained and released all together, as well. But iIn effect, smugglers took advantage of this agreement by charging foreign nationals thousands of dollars to take their children to the U.S. border. These children would be dumped off, taken in by the government, and given an education, housing, shelter and many more benefits. In the summer of 2019, the Trump administration announced the government would end Flores — meaning children will now be held for more than 20 days and they would not be separated from their accompanying adults at the border. But, will this help stop the deluge of illegal immigrants at the border?

Townhall asked Malkin what effect — if any — this decision will have on what she says is the “true moral outrage” of “a transnational network of open-border opportunists” who have “created a de facto illegal alien child smuggling ring operating in plain sight under the guise of family reunification and phony ‘refugee resettlement.'”

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