Illegal Alien Crime Doesn’t Matter? Unless it happens to you.

For years Alex Nowrasteh and the Cato Institute have championed illegal aliens by claiming they commit crimes at a rate lower than the native-born. Their study focused exclusively on Texas. We have always seen flaws in their research but also thought it was irrelevant.  Of course, the crime of illegal entry was never counted, which would have blown away their conclusions.

The problem is that so much of the media has accepted their research as a justification for all illegal aliens to remain in the United States. That’s exactly what Cato wanted it to do.

Fortunately, Steven Camarota at the Center for Immigration Studies challenged Mr. Nowrasteh’s data proving that his methodology was flawed, which invalidated his conclusions.

Although we believe it’s irrelevant as to which group commits more crime, it is important to invalidate this false talking point, and we appreciate Mr. Camarota’s excellent work.

No illegal aliens would mean tens of thousands of people would still be alive, hundreds of thousands of women, children, and some men would have never been sexually assaulted or raped, and millions of families would have never suffered other crimes committed by people who have no legal right to be here.  We sent Mr. Nowrasteh an email (below) on October 20. 2022. So far, we haven’t received a response.

Please email Mr. Nowrasteh and ask him to reply to our email. Please be civil and courteous. Also, feel free to republish or post our email on Twitter. Thank you.

From: Donald Rosenberg
Sent: Thursday, October 20, 2022 10:25 PM
Subject: Illegal Alien Crime

Dear Mr. Nowrasteh:

Your infatuation with the rates of crime committed by illegal aliens as opposed to the actual number of crimes committed not only led you to the wrong conclusions but has actually contributed to crimes committed by those people.

It is totally irrelevant whether illegal aliens commit crimes at a rate more or less than the native-born. What is important is that they have the ability to commit crimes in the United States. Had they not been here, there would have been tens of thousands (probably over 100,000) fewer deaths, hundreds of thousands of fewer rapes and sexual assaults, and millions of fewer other crimes committed since the 1986 amnesty.

The organization of which I am the president, Advocates for Victims of Illegal Alien Crime, knows all too well as we deal with victims of illegal immigration almost every day. In fact, our Board members have all either lost a child or a sibling at the hands of an illegal alien. My son, Drew, was killed almost twelve years ago. So personally, I don’t care if he was the only person ever killed by an illegal alien. What I know is that if we had enforced our immigration laws, my son would be alive. Are you willing to sacrifice one of your children for, say, 100 illegal aliens or a thousand or even a million to be able to live in the United States?

Because of the way these people entered the country, we cannot judge them on an individual basis. They forfeited that right by breaking the law, refusing to leave when their visa expired, or refusing to leave after their asylum claim was denied. They can only be judged as one amorphous group that, by law, must be deported.

I believe they are all accessories before the fact. Maybe not in the legal sense, but certainly in a moral sense. Their presence here in such great numbers has not only helped those who do want to commit additional crimes “blend” into all facets of our society but also assist in hiding those from scrutiny when they flood over the borders in such massive numbers as is happening right now.

They have also corrupted our political, judicial, and legal systems. The refusal of these institutions to uphold the law and their oaths of office is as blatant as the sky is blue. It is the massive “otherwise law-abiding” – which many are not – that has been the driving force behind sanctuary jurisdictions that predominately protect those who are not “otherwise law-abiding.” The main responsibility of our government is to protect citizens and legal permanent residents from harm. The numbers prove they have failed miserably.

Where Cato comes in is that you assist them. You give “reasons”, albeit false ones, to use as an excuse for allowing illegal immigration. You “justify” the crimes they commit by not only your false information but, even if it were true, a “respected” talking point that the public accepts without knowing the actual numbers behind your data. Furthermore, the politicians and media utilize your “talking points” to support what is otherwise an outrageous position that illegal immigration is good for the country.

Just be honest. The Cato Institute wants cheap labor and is willing to support anything at any cost to get it.


Don Rosenberg
Advocates for Victims of Illegal Alien Crime