Exclusive: Migrant Got-Aways Jump to 340K this Year, Says Source

By Randy Clark | Breitbart News

The number of migrants crossing the border without being apprehended soared to more than 340,000 migrants so far this Fiscal Year 2021, according to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection source. This figure represents an estimate of the total number of migrants believed to have escaped into the U.S. interior with capture or apprehension by Border Patrol agents.

The “got-away” total reached 300,000 in July, Breitbart Texas reported. More than 40,000 migrants escaped apprehension during the last 35 days, a source within CBP speaking on the condition of anonymity revealed. On average, 1,100 migrants avoid capture daily. In 2020, an estimated 69,000 migrants managed to avoid apprehension by the Border Patrol.