Ex-DHS chief Chad Wolf lays out ‘strong case’ for Mayorkas impeachment – Says Mexican cartels have become a bigger threat than White supremacists

By Stephen Dinan | The Washington Times

Former acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf laid out a case to The Washington Times for impeaching his successor, saying Alejandro Mayorkas violated his duty to carry out the laws Congress wrote by exempting whole categories of illegal immigrants from the threat of enforcement action.

Asked to grade Mr. Mayorkas, who took over for Mr. Wolf in the change from the Trump to the Biden administration, he didn’t hesitate.

“Oh, it’s an F,” Mr. Wolf said on the latest edition of The Times’ “Politically Unstable” podcast. “I don’t know how you look at any of the metrics out there and say it’s a passing grade.”

He said it’s up to Congress to make decisions on impeachment, but he added that lawmakers who want to go that route “have a very strong case.”