Biden border policy pits US babies against migrant infants: immigration expert Andrew ‘Art’ Arthur

By Samuel Chamberlain, Callie Patteson and Emily Crane | New York Post

The Biden administration’s botched border policies are creating a “zero-sum dilemma” that’s pitting US babies against migrant infants in detention during the nationwide formula shortage, a top immigration expert told The Post on Friday.

Photos of dozens of boxes of baby formula at a migrant processing facility near the US-Mexico border sparked outrage Thursday as some Republican lawmakers accused the government of “stockpiling” the product for illegal immigrants.

Even though American parents are struggling to get their hands on formula for their babies, the administration is also legally obligated to feed and care for those it has amassed in its custody at the border, including migrant infants, experts noted.

” ‘Zero-sum’ really is the best way to describe this,” said Andrew “Art” Arthur, a fellow on law and policy at the Center for Immigration Studies, to The Post.