New Mexico rancher says property is ‘under siege,’ details how illegal immigration is poisoning livestock and driving cattle away from food

By Chris Filed | Blaze Media

New Mexico rancher Russell Johnson, whose property runs for eight miles along the U.S.-Mexico border, told Fox News on Monday that President Joe Biden’s illegal immigration crisis has his property, as Fox put it, “under siege.”

The biggest problem he is currently experiencing, he told Fox News, is the treatment of his cattle.

According to Johnson, illegal aliens’ actions are poisoning and scaring off his cattle, driving them away from their food sources.

What’s happening on his ranch?

Johnson, whose family has ranched along the border for more than 100 years, indicated that he has long dealt with illegal immigrants traipsing across his land. But, he told Fox News, since Biden took office, he has seen a “dramatic increase in illegal foot traffic” that is hurting his ranching operation.


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