Mayorkas Extends and Expands Amnesty-Lite for Yemenis

By Robert Law | Center for Immigration Studies

Biden administration has increased TPS population by nearly 500,000

With mass amnesty legislation currently stalled in Congress, the Biden administration continues to resort to the closest alternative it can implement through the Executive Branch. Temporary Protected Status, or TPS, is supposed to be a temporary form of relief that allows certain aliens to remain in the United States for a period of time if the Department of Homeland Security secretary determines that conditions in the home country temporarily prevent the country’s nationals from returning safely. Once the DHS secretary designates a country for TPS, beneficiaries—often illegal aliens who had no intention of voluntarily returning home—are generally not removable, are permitted to work in the country, and may receive permission to travel abroad. The abusive application of TPS by multiple administrations and interference from district judges preventing the Trump administration from terminating TPS designations is why it’s often said that “There’s nothing as permanent as Temporary Protected Status.” Put another way, TPS is “amnesty lite”.