Deporting Illegal Alien Bad Guys Is Not “Anti-Immigrant.” It Is Pro-Victim And Pro-Common-Sense

By Pawel Styrna | FAIR

The open-borders crowd all too often depicts mentions of illegal alien crime, and even the deporting of criminal aliens, as nothing more than expressions of “anti-immigrant” or racist sentiment. In fact, such misguided thinking is a powerful driving force of reckless sanctuary” policies that put innocent, law-abiding residents at risk. In reality, talking about – and removing – illegally-present bad guys is about protecting victims, many of whom actually happen to be immigrants, from preventable crimes. Below are two recent examples demonstrating this, although FAIR’s online archive of illegal alien crimes contains plenty more.

A Cold-Blooded Murderer

In Chicago, Illinois, on March 28, Mexican national Luis Pedrote-Salinas allegedly shot and killed his next-door-neighbor, Francisco Zamora, in front of the latter’s home. A Comcast contractor, Zamora was returning home from work. When the police attempted to interview Pedrote-Salinas, who was attempting to leave the scene, he injured three officers while resisting.

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