The ex-concierge who killed two Boston anesthesiologists in their penthouse gets life in prison

By Lauren del Valle, Jason Hanna and Christina Maxouris, CNN
[originally published on]

(CNN) – A man who left a couple dead in pools of blood in their Boston penthouse heard his punishment Friday by video conference, preemptively banished from the courtroom after his earlier outbursts in the stunning double-murder case.

Bampumim Teixeira received two consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole for murder in the 2017 stabbing deaths of Lina Bolanos and Richard Field, both anesthesiologists who were engaged to be married.

Teixeira watched the sentencing live from a nearby room, standing silently under guard, his hands shackled behind his back. A TV in the main courtroom showed his reaction: Nodding, before being led away.

Judge Mitchell Kaplan made Teixeira watch in that separate room, after Teixeira was twice dragged out of court Tuesday — the day he was convicted — once for threatening the prosecutor, and once for shouting about Field’s last words.

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