‘Inadmissible’ Aliens Are Walking Through Border Cracks

By Bob Dane | FAIR

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) says it expelled 104,907 illegal aliens who were “encountered” (the Biden administration’s new term for “apprehended”) at the southern border in June. Though that number sounds impressive, it falls far short of the record 188,829 migrant “encounters” during the month, and suggests many, if not all, of the remaining 83,922 illegal aliens successfully entered the United States.

Clearly, there’s room to maneuver through CBP’s expansive migrant classifications. “Inadmissible” aliens include asylum seekers who actually are admitted, and “apprehensions” do not necessarily mean migrants are ever arrested on their way into the country.

“The question for the Biden administration is whether migrants found to be inadmissible in June were turned around, or allowed into the United States,” says Andrew Arthur of the Center for Immigration Studies.