Bradley English

My son, Bradley English, 27 years old was killed on October 27,2004 in a hit & run while bicycling near his home by an illegal alien who already had two prior DUI’s.

By the grace of God, I was able to find the murderer; Israel Cardenas. I was sent a subpoena as the first witness to the case for my very own son’s death. After over two years of court trials & delays, the killer Cardenas was sentenced to 8 years, in Indiana actual time being 4 years.

Sadly, I found out doing my own research that this killer was let out of prison just after two years due to “overcrowding” and I was told he was deported. Not only was my son’s killer NOT deported but he got a house 20 minutes away from ours, AND he received numerous speeding citations shortly after his release as well as a child restraint violation. Yet he was never arrested or held accountable. And he is STILL in America!

My son was very kind, loving & caring. He always saw the best in everyone. He was a doting father for the short time he was able to spend with his only child, a beautiful daughter, who lost her Daddy at five months old. She will NEVER have the opportunity to be reunited with her Father, nor will her Mother. She will never fear not being able to see him as soon as possible again, because he is gone forever.

She was not offered government assistance counseling for grief let alone “separation anxiety”. All she has are old photos & empty memories. My son’s death has affected our ENTIRE family, I believe Bradley’s death was a result of my Mother’s death 11 months later. Some of our family members now have PTSD, severe depression and other life altering changes due to my son’s tragic death. It breaks my heart to the core to know that his death and so very very many others are easily and humanely preventable.