The Neglected Victims of the Border Crisis

By Brian Lonergan | American Greatness

Illegal immigration is not a victimless crime.

Given the destruction illegal immigration has been causing our country over the last several decades, it is fair to ask how we got here. How have a significant portion of citizens come to embrace policies that result in lawlessness, violence, and financial distress throughout the nation?

The answer is that those pushing for ever-higher numbers of new arrivals—media, politicians, activist groups and others—have exploited the otherwise noble instinct of most Americans to be Good Samaritans. They have framed the issue as one populated by victims who hail from everywhere but the United States. They include young children and parents separated from their children through the detention process. To question the logic of unchecked illegal immigration into the country is to expose oneself to accusations of being cold-hearted, xenophobic, and in support of denying help to the less fortunate. Who among us would embrace those epithets?