I investigated coyotes, killers and cartel members. Biden’s border policy won’t keep us safe.

By Lacy CooperOpinion contributor | USA Today

Our southern border is not secure, but the Biden administration signals to bad actors that some of the most violent offenders will not be deported.

For the last 15 years I’ve protected Arizonans and Americans from dangerous criminals – the past eight working for the United States Attorney’s Office securing the southwest border. I’ve seen how decisions made in the halls of power – whether it be Washington, D.C., or Phoenix – play out on the ground. When our leaders put politics and political correctness before safety and security, there are real life consequences.

I know this because I’ve had face-to-face conversations with cartel members and listened to wiretaps on their phones. I’ve investigated them for drug trafficking, human smuggling, murders and mutilations. That was my job. I was a border security section chief for the District of Arizona.