Biden’s border neglect has caused a national security and drug crisis

By Sen. Bill Hagerty | Washington Examiner

Well-financed, operationally sophisticated drug cartels, with the help of the Chinese Communist Party, are exploiting our immigration policies to make billions of dollars from drug and human trafficking. Ignored by the Biden administration, corporate media, and many Americans until it’s sadly too late due to the loss of a child, sibling, or neighbor, this increasingly powerful criminal business enterprise is expanding further into U.S. communities.

A trip through south Texas with eight Tennessee sheriffs and mayors revealed two key insights. First, under Biden’s policies, this national security crisis is unmanageable. Second, and paradoxically, this crisis is well within the federal government’s power to fix. My central takeaway was that if every American saw and heard what we did, it wouldn’t be happening — because our nation wouldn’t tolerate it.