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My name is Don Rosenberg. I am a retired entertainment and publishing executive.  My son Drew, 25, was a second-year law student in San Francisco in 2010 when he was run over by Roberto Galo on his way home from school.

Galo, driving without a driver’s license, attempted to make a last second left hand turn and collided with Drew who was in the intersection. They were both moving slowly but Drew flew over the front of Galo’s car. Had Galo stopped Drew would have walked away with minor abrasions and bruises. Instead Galo accelerated driving over Drew’s body. Drew’s helmet had come off and wedged under Galo’s rear tire.  He backed up driving over Drew a second time and then attempting to flee went forward. A man stood in front of Galo’s car and he stopped with his rear tire on Drew’s abdomen. Five men lifted the car off his body.

We were originally told that Galo was an illegal alien, only to be told a few days later that he was in the country legally. We were told by the DA’s office that Galo’s preliminary hearing was going to be continued and not to come to San Francisco for it. They had it without us present. We were told that we had no right to be there and we wouldn’t be able to speak. In California Marcy’s Law guarantees the right of every victim to attend and speak at every hearing. Marcy’s Law.

We were continually lied to by the San Francisco DA’s office who was only prosecuting this case because we refused to allow them to take a plea bargain. We learned 11 months after Drew’s death that Galo had entered the country illegally in 1999 when an ICE agent heard me on a radio program refer to him as a legal immigrant.

The original charge of felony vehicular homicide was reduced to a misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter at the preliminary hearing. Galo was convicted and sentenced to 6 months in jail. Without notification to us he was released after 43 days by Sheriff Ross Makarimi the same man who released Kate Streinle’s killer.

USCIS refused to deport Galo telling our Congressman, Henry Waxman, that Galo had only committed one crime of moral turpitude.   After many months at great personal and financial cost I finally got Galo deported. At his deportation hearing I learned that his wife had a deportation order from 2006. She never showed up and no one went to get her. Had she been deported my son would be alive. They were driving to parenting class when they killed Drew.


I am a LEGAL immigrant from Germany, who's only child, my 30 year old son Dominic, was killed by an illegal alien from Guatemala on 7-12-12 in Moreno Valley, California. He turned his truck in front of my son riding his motorcycle, killing him instantly. Not only was he deported after a felony conviction for armed robbery and grand theft, but he illegally returned. Shortly after that he was arrested for 2 DUI's where each time he was granted probation even though he never had a driver license, insurance or registration.

The judge gave him a deal and the killer received a misdemeanor, 9 month and 5 years probation. He served 35 days in jail!

Dominic worked for the Riverside Sheriff's Department 911 dispatch center and volunteered for the local fire department and was active in keeping his community safe. He had his private pilot license and studied to become a motorcycle officer and then a helicopter pilot for the police department. He was known for his laughter, fun personality, big heart, kindness and is missed by so many.

I have testified at a Judiciary Committee Hearing in DC in 2013, I spoke at numerous Rallies, was a Guest speaker at the Republican National Convention 2016 and was invited to the inauguration of President Trump.

Dominic Durden Tribute


My name is Maureen Maloney and my 23 years-old son, Matthew Denice, was brutally killed on August 20, 2011 by an illegal alien who was drunk, driving without a license and ran through a stop sign colliding with Matthew on his motorcycle. Matthew landed on the front drivers side hood, rolled off and should have survived the collision with abrasions and bruises. However, while fleeing the scene, the drunk, illegal alien ran over Matthew causing him to become lodged under the truck.

Matthew was dragged a quarter of a mile to his death while horrified witnesses were banging on the truck and screaming for the driver to stop.  Matthew was a kind, caring, fun loving young man who lived life to the fullest, was a role model in the community and a wonderful son/ brother/ grandson/ and friend. He had recently graduated from Framingham State University, had plans of becoming a police officer and had his whole life ahead of him. Matthew is deeply loved and missed by his family and friends.

Since losing my son, I have become an advocate for enforcement our current immigration laws and to put Americans first

In Loving Memory of Matthew Denice



My name is Maureen Grossi Laquerre and I was born and raised in Milford, Massachusetts.  I have been married to Leo E. Laquerre for thirty three years and we have two children and two grandchildren.  We are retired and divide our time between Florida and Massachusetts.

In September 2009 my younger brother, Richard V. Grossi was critically injured in a car crash just two blocks from his home.  Richard was t-boned on the driver's side by an unlicensed illegal alien, Maria Tavares Leite.   Leite ran a blinking red light and stop sign that resulted in Richard's car hitting a fence and pole upon impact.  The Jaws of Life were necessary to extract Richard from his vehicle.

The police transported Leite home and she had no jail time despite Richard's subsequent death six weeks later resulting from the horrific car crash.

Leite came to this country on a vacation visa four years prior and failed to return home.  She was charged with Vehicular Homicide but never went to trial.  Our family was told that there was no judge in Massachusetts who would sentence her to jail.  We found this very disheartening to say the least.

I corresponded with our state and local politicians urging that justice be served, however, after each month in court, the outcome of this tragic case was in favor of Leite and our dear brother was  DEAD.

Not only was our family heartbroken over our great loss,  but as tax paying citizens, we were devastated by the collective failure of the police department, judicial system, town officials, as well as our local and state politicians.

Leite planned to return to her native Portugal but wanted to wait until June for her fourteen-year old daughter to finish the school year.  In July of 2010 the wishes of Leite were granted and she and her family were permitted to return home, free and clear, while Richard was gone....

Almost eight years have passed since Richard's death and during that time my husband and I have volunteered on many local, state, and national campaigns to curtail career politicians who are primarily interested in furthering the interests of themselves and criminals, perhaps one in the same.  I utilize every opportunity to see that justice is served and that no other family has to suffer as we did, with no resources to assist them and no guidance when severely and permanently impacted by the crimes of illegal aliens.

My hope is that with the support of AVIAC.US and the great people behind this organization we can preserve and promote quality of life for legal citizenry of this great country by making sure that our voices are heard and our laws enforced.

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