Brian McCann and his brother Denny McCann

Brian McCann and his brother Denny McCann

An illegal alien killed Brian McCann’s brother Denny with a prior felony conviction on June 6, 2011 on Chicago’s North Side. Denny was a commercial real estate broker, age 66, who was crossing Kedzie Avenue to meet with a client and owner of El Cid’s restaurant. The alien hit and dragged Denny for a block and killed him. The alien fled the scene but was caught by an off duty police officer and charged with vehicular homicide. The McCann family was assured that the offender would be prosecuted and would remain in custody during court proceedings because Immigration and Custom Enforcement had issued a detainer.

In the weeks following continuances in the alien’s case were issued and the family was assured repeatedly that prosecution was forthcoming. Unbeknownst to the McCann family, members of the Cook County Board were crafting a County Sanctuary ordinance that would require the Sheriff to release any illegal alien in custody who posted bond. The county prosecutor assigned to this case was unaware of these proceedings. On September 7, 2011 the ordinance did pass and became law. Approximately six weeks later the alien’s brother produced the necessary $25,000 and the alien killer was released and fled to Mexico. Thousands of alien criminals have been released in recent years across the United States because there are now well over 300 sanctuary jurisdictions.

Brian McCann learned from the FBI that they “ know where he goes” in Mexico, but cannot apprehend. They prevailed on Mexican authorities and a warrant was issued but Mexican police fail to act on the warrant.

The chief sponsor of the ordinance was Cook County Commissioner Jesus Garcia who currently serves Illinois 4th. District in the United States House of Representatives.

Brian McCann has joined with four other family victim members in a collective effort to reverse these sanctuary policies and to support other measures to stop the flow of illegals in the United States. The non-profit ADVOCATES FOR VICTIMS OF ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS (AVIAC.US) WAS ESTABLISHED IN 2017. He has also written the book, Death In Chicago A Sanctuary City, released in 2016. It was written as a novel based on the real story to sustain interest and inform readers. McCann thinks the public is largely misinformed with respect to the dangers sanctuary jurisdictions pose to American citizens.

Education: BA, 1970 Southern Illinois University Government, and MA 1980 Chicago State University History
Career: Teacher Washington High School History & Special Education 1973- 2005 Military: US Army 1971-1973, Race Relations Instructor/moderator Current: Immigration enforcement activist
Member: American Legion