Who makes up AVIAC?

AVIAC was started by several who have suffered the ultimate tragedy of losing a loved one to illegal alien crime. We have suffered the ultimate in family separation.

We invite all families who have been the victim of illegal alien crime, from a murder to ID theft, to join our group. Our organization is also open to anyone who believes that immigration law must be followed and those who have broken the law must be held accountable.

Why are we doing this?

Illegal immigration and the negatives that come with it has impacted our families especially those who have suffered similar tragedies. The political climate over the past 30 years, particularly the last 8, has not only exacerbated the issue but for all intent and purposes “froze” out our ability to organize, to challenge much of the media claims to report as the truth, and to raise funds to help get our message out to the public.

Many of us have been working individually or in small groups with minimal success. To challenge the media’s false narrative; politicians have sold out law abiding citizens and legal immigrants all for a vote or campaign contributions from a powerful organization with significant resources.

What is our ideal goal/accomplishment?

As our name implies we want to be advocates for those who have been impacted by crimes committed by illegal aliens. The only successful accomplishment would be to stop illegal alien crime and that can only happen with the deportation of all people that are in the country illegally.

Who are we trying to help?

In the short term, we want to help those who have been victims, and their families, of crimes committed by illegal aliens. We have all experienced the difficulty in processing what has happened and having to function; whether it be in burying our loved one(s) or helping a victim recover while at the same time working with a legal system that more often than not holds the interests of the criminal above ours.

We all currently deal with victims on a regular basis but we will now have the ability to direct people to agencies and sources where there are professionals who can provide the necessary services. However, as victims, all of us will always be available to give personal support to anyone at any time.

 Why now?

We’ve already waited too long. The political environment has recently changed that will at least allow our position to be part of the discussion on how this issue is resolved. The prior administration was in complete denial that we even exist. In eight years in office, President Obama never mentioned once any victim of illegal alien crime. He met with illegal aliens, he invited them to his State of the Union and Michelle Obama sat with them in her special box at the State of the Union address.

Many of us wrote the President and he never even had an aide respond with a condolence note (of course, he couldn’t because then he would be admitting people were killed).

Why should people care?

Bad things happen to people every day. But bad things should never happen to anyone when they can be avoided. Seconds before our loved one was killed we never thought it would happen to us. In all of our cases, the perpetrator was previously identified as being here illegally and possibly had already committed or had been convicted of a crime.

Of course, most of those here illegally are not intentionally looking to harm anyone. But because of their sheer numbers, they have corrupted our politicians, our judicial system, and law enforcement.

Although rhetoric claims that immigrants are less likely to commit crime than those who were native born; it is not these legal immigrants we are talking about. We are instead talking about illegal aliens and those who unlawfully stay after their visa expires. None of our loved ones were killed by a “rate” or a legal immigrant – they were instead killed by an illegal alien.

Despite the canard that they contribute to the economy; the numbers aren’t even close. In California alone, where approximately 25 percent of all of those here illegally live, these illegal aliens cost state taxpayers 30 billion dollars a year. According to pro-amnesty state Senator Ricardo Lara, they pay 2.4 billion a year in taxes, fees, registrations, etc. Educating their children, just in K-12, costs over $17 billion a year.

There is no reason any American citizen or immigrant should even be at risk of being harmed by an illegal alien or should have to pay their hard-earned income supporting them.

What do we plan to start doing after the launch?

To mobilize our cause, we need to educate the public. We will do that by pressuring the media to tell our stories and report on the real facts about the harm of illegal immigration. To do that, we need to attract members from all over the country to push our message locally.

We will continue speaking at local, state and federal hearings and meet with our representatives (at least those who will meet with us) to make sure they know the harm that illegal immigration has caused to the country.

We want to influence public policy with the truth.

© 2017 AVIAC

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Advocates for Victims of Illegal Alien Crime

We want to influence public policy with the truth